Plug-in 4 or 8 Port Voice Mail Card
spacer Compact Plug-In Voice Mail with Big System Features

IntraMail is an optional plug-in card for that offers 4 or 8 ports of voice mail and auto attendant. It is a full-featured Voice Mail Auto Attendant system that can transfer incoming callers and record Voice Mail messages, as well as offer a host of advanced features.

Automated Attendant4x8

Eliminate or minimize the need for an operator or receptionist. IntraMail automatically answers incoming calls and provides callers a wide variety of dialing options (i.e., press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Service). Each user can then assign unique ring tones to help differentiate between these incoming calls.

Message Center Key

To ensure that important messages are delivered and responded to quickly and efficiently, a group of co-workers can share voice message responsibilities. Messages can be left in a designated mailbox. Each group member will have an assigned key associated with that mailbox which will flash when a new message has been received.

Directory Dialing

Ease callers through the call routing process. IntraMail provides the ability to have multiple company and personal greetings and the capability to reach an employee’s extension by entering their name instead of extension number.

Conversation Record8x18

For detail accuracy while on an important call, record the conversation into any mailbox for later review. You can also send your recorded conversation to a co-worker.

Message Notification

Eliminate the need to call the office to check for new messages. IntraMail can automatically call a designated telephone number (such as a cell phone) to let the user know when new messages arrive. This feature can also be used to enhance a Service/Dispatch Center.

Fax Detection

The Automated Attendant can automatically detect incoming fax calls and transfer them to a fax machine, maximizing the use of your telephone lines.


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